Omozua Isiramen

Neuroscience Transformation, Neuro Agility and High Performance Specialist

I Help Ambitious and Self-led Leaders Accelerate Their Careers By Decoding Their Unique Brain Signature Without Relying On Outdated Strategies So They Get Results Within 90 Days.

Do You Relate to This?​

  • You’re frustrated by adapting to or dealing with change in your business and personal life
  • You’re unable to progress towards your goals efficiently despite bringing a lot to the table
  • You aren’t optimising your full potential to become more responsive, adaptable or creative
  • You can’t sustain self-discipline, motivation or productive habits long term
  • You feel stuck and overwhelmed because a lot of things you do seem to lead to more struggle
  • You know you need to redefine yourself to be able to live life with purpose and direction
  • You struggle to navigate and master your intelligence to grow beyond your performance barriers
  • You feel something crucial is missing despite living a seemingly successful life
  • You unconsciously experience constantly recurring inner dialogue that emotionally blocks you from taking action to move beyond it productively
  • You struggle to meet your sales target month on month and make the impact you want

There’s a better way to navigate your brain and emotional landscape so you can transform your unhelpful approaches to attain resilience and self-mastery in every area of life.

You’re exhausted from constantly struggling to move beyond insurmountable obstacles in many areas, including your business, life and health.
But there’s a new method to identify the elements of your inner essence so you can construct your own life formula to increase personal productivity and effectiveness.
Hi, my name is Omozua Isiramen. I’ll help you strategically cultivate awareness of your emotions, life skills and brain to navigate business and life on your own terms in a way that works for you, not against you.

“Everything starts in the brain. You can’t improve what you don’t identify.”

Omozua Isiramen, Certified Neuroscience Transformation and High Performance Specialist.

This Is What I Do

Using the wisdom, skills and same formula I’ve used in my career to grow beyond limitations, I’ve designed the Brainification Methodology to help business owners and leaders enhance the greatest asset they possess, their brain. It starts with an examination of your Unique Blueprint in the first stage, which consists of your Neuro-Agility profile. You can only change what you accurately identify and can measure.

Then the second stage looks at your Human-life Formula to explore your wants (where you’re going in life), beliefs, inner compass (values that align you to your goals and aspirations) and emotional edge (your zone of emotional awareness, intelligence, agility and mastery).

The third stage is about The Self. It firstly explores your motivation to stay disciplined and choose resourceful behaviours, secondly, the observations that help you put into action what you want to make come true socially and professionally and thirdly how you express and transfer your mental and emotional processes to create productive results.

The fourth stage looks at The Brain Signature which opens you up to what’s possible when your brain serves you. It involves a look at your brain vitals (B-vitals), your potential to optimise your brain, how you can become the CEO of your brain to enhance communication, health, productivity and how you can create your own success signature to elevate yourself in every area of life.

In the last stage, I help you design your mastery matrix to create your 5P Action Plan based on purpose, passion, perseverance, people and profit, which are all critical areas. This methodology provides a comprehensive approach to help you identify the neurogenesis of your identity so you can access previously intangible areas of potential and use them to design outcomes you want in any walk of life.

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This Is How I Can Help You Get Beyond Feeling Stuck

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The Four Brain Hacks That Will Help You Wow Your Clients and Prospects to Make Them Buy from You

In this masterclass I help you understand the importance of four critical brain hacks in a business or sales setting. I walk you through how you can use these hacks to enhance the human experience and influence your clients or prospects to buy from you.

This masterclass focuses on bypassing the fight or flight part of the brain, which creates a block that compromises your ability to sell to people and to get a YES. I show you how accessing the non-logical part of the brain is a powerful way to talk to the human being and make that person feel like they’re in a safe space so you can overcome their resistance.


Discover Four Brain Hacks That Will Help You Wow Your Clients And Prospects To Say Yes And Make Them Buy From You

One-on-One Coaching

My one-on-one coaching program is built on the understanding that all emotions hold a message that can help you navigate your emotional landscape, life and business. There’s nothing as agonising as living with invisible pain, emotional discomfort or a feeling that something isn’t right. It affects all areas of your life. When you sign up for one-on-one coaching, you and I will be working very closely to ensure you have all the support needed to transform and attain self-mastery in every area of life.

I’ll apply my knowledge and expertise in neuro-agility, emotional mastery and actionable resilience to help you unpack your unique formula and live confidently with purpose and direction. We will begin with a gap analysis in the onboarding call to address your current emotional landscape and identify areas you need to improve to ease your struggles. So if you feel something is missing despite living a seemingly successful life, or you feel stuck and overwhelmed in your current capacity, please sign up. I can’t wait to take you on the same science-backed journey that transformed my life, business and results.

One-on-One Coaching

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Online Group Coaching

Group coaching is an online medium for companies with a specific team that needs to enhance performance and efficiency. It offers an efficient solution for senior managers, team members and leaders who can’t make time for in-person training. I take them from feeling stuck and overwhelmed to build motivation, discipline and resilience by using brain awareness as an accurate point of departure.

This is comprehensive and intensive coaching that will equip each team member with the ability to understand the neurogenesis of their identity and apply neuroscientific insights to construct their blueprint for success as individuals and as a collective.

My tried-and-tested insights on neuro agility and emotional mastery & intelligence will help them operate with more ease, communicate more effectively and create more powerful relationships.

Online Group Coaching

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Corporate Workshops

My corporate workshops are designed to provide business owners, leaders or working professionals an intensive session where they learn to modify their unique inner formulas and push through limitations.

The aim is to help individuals navigate the unconscious emotional and mental processes that create obstacles in their personal and professional lives.

It’s an end-to-end experience that runs over a full day. So whether a professional is struggling to deal with change, feels frustrated, unable to get to the next wanted level for one reason or another, this workshop will carefully guide them to move beyond their limitations.

Corporate Workshops

Learn More About How The Brainification Program Can Benefit You & Your Team

Neuro-Agility And Emotional Intelligence: Business Consulting, Profile Assessments and Leadership Development

Increase your profit, innovation agility and adaptability

For many leaders, high achievers, corporate professionals and teams, leadership development specialists, business consultants, top & desired goals are – growth, having a competitive advantage and profit. In the technologically advanced world we operate in today, having the skills needed to solve complex problems, make accurate decisions fast, and the cognitive flexibility to access the full range of all the brain’s thinking and learning regions simultaneously are mandatory.

This is where Neuro Agility comes in to play as a differentiating factor. Neuro-Agility is valuable because it helps you and your teams to optimise your brain fitness and increase your mental flexibility, enabling you to have a a fast, focused, and a flexible mind. With an agile brain you can build emotionally resilient teams, perform at a higher level, become more productive and a better communicator, salesperson, leader, consultant or senior executive.

Keynote Speaker

When You Have An Event & You’re Looking For Something Different…

Everything you aim to achieve, change or improve starts with the brain. If you’re looking for a transformational keynote speaker to go beyond the usual script, raise must-have brain awareness that impact how easily, quickly and flexibly human beings learn, process and optimise information for personal leadership, business, success, and motivate or engage your teams of Sales Professionals, Executives, Business Owners and Corporate Teams, please contact me to discuss how I can best serve your organisation and your target audience.

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Affirmations and The Law of Attraction alone don’t do the job. Professional Women who want to get beyond their limitations need to get beyond the surface level of trying to attract wealth, health or things they desire in their lives by addressing their mental and emotional landscape.

The MANYOUFEST code gives you a tangible, scientific approach to the Law of Attraction principles described by Napoleon Hill while being in control of what you can control. It highlights the importance of the masculine and feminine energy so you can build the awareness needed to balance them when manifesting what you desire . I will coach you to accept things in your life as they are, and recognise the path you pave for yourself doesn’t have to be how it is.

Once you realise it’s your job to clear the path for yourself, become aware and understand what drives you, you can take action driven by a strong belief that goes beyond hoping and imagining everything will somehow fall into place. This code offers you a practical methodology to stop living your life by accident or luck. You will transform into a core player who determines what will be and what you want to do by taking concrete steps you design in the Action module.

You will find a way to build momentum, courage and resilience throughout this four-week program by engaging with worksheets, videos and exercises each week. I will be conducting a 60-minute group coaching call every week so you can ask questions or clear any doubts you might be having on your way to manifesting your aspirations.

Designing the Outcomes You Want in Life Is Easy Once You Identify Your Natural Blueprint


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