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Are you looking for a transformational keynote speaker, panelist, to take you beyond the typical script – inspire, motivate and help you, your team or organization leverage their greatest asset – the brain as the point of departure for a growth mindset, productivity, leadership and achieving greatness with ease in spite of disruption?

I have spent over twenty years achieving specialisation in neuro-agility, emotional mastery and actionable resilience to empower business owners, sales & corporate professionals and leaders to reach the next level of success. I fuse my deep understanding of neuroscience with a burning passion for leadership and personal development to help individuals modify their unique inner formula and push through limitations.

Core Areas on which Omozua speaks include:

  • Transformational and Brain-friendly Leadership
    • How to Upgrade and Become the CEO of your Brain. Develop resilience to thrive in life and business, communicate effectively, train our brains to identify emotional triggers, and strategize around them for personal success.
  • The Keys to Productivity and Peak Performance
    • Neuro Agility (Having An Agile Brain As A Competitive Advantage).
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • Key Indicator for Peak Performance and Success.
  • Emotional Mastery
    • Navigating the Brain and Emotions for long-term Business Success and Well Being.

Omozua Isiramen
Keynote Speaker | Neuroscience Transformation and High Performance Specialist

I Help Leaders, Business Owners, Corporate Teams and Professionals, and High Achievers Decode their Unique Brain Signature, & Potential for Self-Mastery, Growth & High-Level Results in All Areas of Life.

My talks and trainings are tailored to meet the goals and needs of the audience using my experience, love for teaching and areas of expertise.

I am truly driven, when it comes to helping people embrace being human in our full essence and having personal success, owning one’s strengths and growing with ease personally and professionally. People want the self-awareness needed to make powerful decisions – to be the CEO of their brains, as they transition to the next desired steps in their lives and learn to master their inner skills to achieve greatness on their own terms and my mission lies in helping them with brain awareness on this journey.

I speak from the heart, a wealth of training, my personal journey which taught me to embrace courage and all one can achieve with it. With over 20 years of professional experience working in international settings with experts from different fields and cultures, my talks aim to encourage people to step up into courage and excel in life and business by being whole-brained and confident.

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If you have an event, conference you would like me to consider and speak at, or want me as a panel member, please send me an email:

Please outline the struggles, wants and expectations of your audience in detail so that I can adapt my talk or presentation to solve and attain the goal you want. This is to make sure that when you book me as a speaker, you get both the interaction and results that you expect.

I or someone from my team will respond within 48 business hours.