The Brainification One-on-One Coaching & Mentoring Program

for Sales Professionals, Business Consultants and Senior Executives

Are you tired of not being where you want in your personal and professional spheres despite living a seemingly successful life?

It’s time to become the CEO of your own life and brain… so you can significantly improve performance, exude confidence and close more sales!

The Brainification Program

Give me 6 months and your aspirations, and together, we will identify the neurogenesis of your identity to access previously intangible areas of potential!

You’ve been trying to reach various personal and professional goals for a while… but somehow, there’s a block you can’t move beyond.

I believe there’s a reason you landed on this page today.

If you think about it, it’s probably because you’ve tried many strategies to meet your month-on-month sales quota or quarterly goal…

… but you just can’t seem to get your message across to the person you’re selling to or the people you work with.

That’s affecting all areas of life, not just your work… and right now, it feels like everything you do leads to more struggle.

There’s limitless wealth in decoding your unique brain signature.

You’ve probably seen other sales professionals and senior executives in your industry – people with a fraction of your ability – improving their performance year on year despite facing the same personal and professional struggles as you.

They’ve figured out their own life formula and learned how to navigate it to push beyond their obstacles.

And that’s empowering them to influence others and enjoy life in all areas.

That’s what identifying the neurogenesis of your identity can do for you.

So why aren’t you living your life fully?

“I don’t know what’s missing”

If something you can’t understand or explain is blocking you from being your best self, you may need to go deeper.

Running in circles doing the same unresourceful things will only lead to more struggle.

You’re letting everything you have to bring to the table go to waste if you don’t start to unpack your unique blueprint.

You must learn to enhance the greatest asset you possess – your brain. It holds the key to living fully.

“I feel stuck and drained”

Despite all you’ve been doing to go further over the last few years (maybe even decades), you’ve made little to no progress.

There’s nothing as agonising or draining as the feeling of being stuck and unable to sustain motivation long-term.

You need to understand where you’re going in life and what values, goals and aspirations you have.

That will motivate you to choose more resourceful behaviours.

“I struggle to adapt to change!”

Change is inevitable. You can’t stop it. You can only adapt, adjust and deal with it with more speed, flexibility and confidence…

…but you can’t do that unless you unpack your neuro-agility profile and use that as the basis of transforming your performance and results in all areas of life.

Once you identify the elements of your inner essence, you can construct your own life formula to increase your adaptability and personal effectiveness.

The Brainification Program helps you navigate your business and personal life on your own terms in just 24 weeks.

Join anytime!

The moment you join, you will finally be able to enhance your experience of life.

That’s because, in just six months, you will have a tried-and-tested system to attain mastery in critical areas of life, including neuro-agility, emotions and actionable resilience.

Think of it like moving rocks today to strengthen you for moving mountains tomorrow.

I’ve combined three of my top expertise

Neuroscience Leadership Development
Emotional Mastery
Actionable Resilience

into a COMPREHENSIVE methodology that enables YOU to grow beyond limitations and get high-level results.

How is The Brainification Program different from other programs?

Most performance experts – even those with decades of experience – usually only help you improve things you’ve already identified while ignoring critical brain-mind elements you’re not aware of.

For example, they may help you develop new and more productive habits that will work for a while, but can’t guarantee you won’t backslide into unhelpful behaviours because of a lack of neural pathways that help you simultaneously process all the things you need to focus on, communicate clearly and function at a high frequency.

As a Brainification Program client, you’re getting everything.

As in, a brain-body-soul approach to relate to others better, become more persuasive and perform at an optimum level.

No need to hire more coaches, experts or professionals to help you navigate your personal and professional struggles – I’m giving you a way to optimise the executive functions going on in your brain to enhance your mental and emotional fitness and flexibility.

I’ve separated The Brainification Program into five stages to help your progress:

Stage 1: Unique Blueprint

The first stage focuses on your brain neuro-agility profile. It helps you identify the things you need to improve.
Understand the way you are, how you approach things and what role the quadrants of your brain play.
Analyse how you communicate with people and why you approach things in certain ways from a brain perspective.
Unpack your neuro-agility profile to determine the critical elements that impact how you think, learn and process information.

Stage 2: Human-life Formula

The second stage looks at where you’re going, what beliefs and values you carry and your zone of emotional awareness.
Identify the drivers of your choices in terms of your wants, goals and aspirations.
Discover how your beliefs work to attract what you want and learn how to reconfigure the belief formula to work for you, not against you.
Unpack your neuro-agility profile to determine the critical elements that impact how you think, learn and process information.
Understand your emotional landscape to find your zone of emotional agility, motivation and mastery.

Stage 3: The Self

The third stage helps you see yourself for who you are so you can accept, move forward with energy and know when to let go.
Explore your motivation to stay disciplined and choose resourceful behaviours.
Observe the elements that help you put into action what you want to make come true socially and professionally.
Learn how you express and transfer your mental and emotional processes to create productive results.

Stage 4: The Brain Signature

The fourth stage helps you understand how your brain serves you and uncover what’s possible when you’re the CEO of your own brain.
Understand the interplay of your brain vitals and become a better judge of when you need to enhance a certain area of your brain.
Determine what brain factors affect your productivity, performance and well-being so you can use your full capacity to optimise and grow.
Create your own success signature to elevate yourself in every area of life.

Stage 5: The Mastery Matrix

The final stage helps you create an Action Plan based on purpose, passion, perseverance, people and profit.
Design your mastery matrix to achieve the outcomes you want in any area of life that deeply matters to you.
Create ripple effects that work for you.
Find your competitive edge by putting all your brain knowledge and neuroscientific insights together.

And here’s one more reason​

Most executive, leadership and performance coaches will only focus on getting you past a point you haven’t been able to get beyond yourself without helping you identify the elements of your inner essence that are important to different people and not addressed in your personal upbringing.

You will always be missing the life formula that will help you put everything from your awareness, confidence, self-esteem and inner-resourcefulness together when the need arises (and it will!).

You don’t need to worry – you can join the program today to decode your brain based on your natural blueprint and start creating ripple effects that work for you before the day is over!

The World Needs Brain Agile Leaders

You won’t have to realign and navigate your inner compass alone.

If you’re not used to clearing the path for yourself (or just don’t know if you’re capable), I will be right there with you as you transform into a core player who determines your own outcomes in life. That saves you the frustration and loneliness of navigating uncharted waters alone.

This is how I’ll be working with you:

One-on-One Coaching

My one-on-one coaching program is built on the understanding that all emotions hold a message that can help you navigate your emotional landscape and life. There’s nothing as agonising as living with invisible pain, emotional discomfort or a feeling that something isn’t right. It affects all areas of your life. When you sign up for one-on-one coaching, you and I will be working very closely to ensure you have all the support needed to transform every area of life.

I’ll apply my knowledge and expertise in neuro-agility, emotional mastery and actionable resilience to help you unpack your unique formula and live confidently with purpose and direction. We will begin with a gap analysis in the onboarding call to address your current emotional landscape and identify areas you need to improve to ease your struggles. So if you feel something is missing despite living a seemingly successful life, or you feel stuck and overwhelmed in your current capacity, please sign up.

Bottom line – I will pull out all the stops as I take you on the same science-backed journey that transformed every area of my life.

That means you will attain self-mastery in all walks of life much faster… and with much less effort.

How is The Brainification Program structured?

Every week, we will address one critical aspect of your brain, emotions and performance so you can structure your growth in manageable stages.

I will give you access to all of our recorded training sessions, worksheets, videos, exercises and all the resources you will need to bring you one step closer to closing your next sale or securing your next big deal!

Module 1:

This first module helps you identify your neuro-agility profile. Neuro-agility is about how your brain leverages every quadrant.

You will develop an understanding of how you process information, respond, react, focus and do many other things.

You will learn how you adapt to changing situations in your life and career with speed and flexibility.

Module 2:

The second module dives into the wheel of life assessment, future pacing and an action plan to help you explore where you are and where you want to be.

You will focus on key areas, including your career, money, health, relationships, personal growth, fun and recreation, physical environment and spirituality.

It gives you a complete view of your life across the most common domains of living.

Module 3:

In the third module, we will explore your belief formula to work out what is limiting and what is empowering you.

I will show you how you can identify your beliefs and start to understand how they work to attract what you want.

We will work on reconfiguring your beliefs, so they work for you and keep you on track.

Your beliefs shape what direction you go in, so they are critical to your ability to push past limits.

Module 4:
Inner Compass

This module focuses on helping you understand that if you want one thing but don’t have the values to pursue it, your inner compass will lead you astray.

A compass is about aligning your values with your goals and aspirations, so you can move towards your destination with no unconscious conflicts.

You will learn how to go within yourself to live on your own terms.

Module 5:
The EM Edge

This module helps you raise awareness of your emotional landscape and build your emotional literacy.

Your emotional edge encompasses your moods, feelings and state of being. It’s about emotional mastery, not intelligence.

I will help you gain insight into your zone of emotional agility and mastery. You will learn to understand yourself, understand others and have social awareness.

Module 6:

This seventh module is about emotional intelligence and bringing together everything you’ve learned about self-awareness and regulation.

It’s where you will put into practice what you want to come true.

Observation is about understanding what you can’t see in yourself you will never see in others.

You need to take a step back and notice things about your level of social awareness.

Module 7:

In the third module, we will explore your belief formula to work out what is limiting and what is empowering you.

I will show you how you can identify your beliefs and start to understand how they work to attract what you want.

We will work on reconfiguring your beliefs, so they work for you and keep you on track.

Your beliefs shape what direction you go in, so they are critical to your ability to push past limits.

Module 8:
Express & Transfer

This module helps you become aware of what you’re projecting, what questions you’re asking yourself that create doubt and what mind movie you’re replaying that stops you from being the CEO of your own mind and emotions.

We will go over how you can start to check that unhelpful inner chatter so you can communicate in a way you would like to be perceived by others. The way you Communicate is your driver.

Module 9:
The B-Vitals

This module helps you combine the insights, tools and strategies you’ve gotten in the previous modules and apply them to your brain vitals.

The brain is about ensuring your survival by all means.

Understanding the interplay of your brain and why you do things the way you do them will help you determine when you need to focus on or enhance a certain area.

Module 10:

This module looks at how you optimise and enhance your brain.

We will explore what factors affect your productivity, performance and well-being.

That will help you identify if you’re in survival mode or responding and operating on a level of unconscious competence.

Your attitude, mindset and gratitude are part of your potential.

Module 11:
CEO of Brain

Being the CEO of your brain is about self-expression. This module helps you understand how the self and the other can come together.

We will focus on the second part of your emotional intelligence (EQ) quotient and how that relates to your understanding of your identity.

It will help you get more clarity on who you are and how you can be healthier.

Module 12:
Success Signature

This module is about helping you attain mastery and develop your unconscious competence.

It’s about programming your own success code so you can grow, contribute and replace what isn’t serving you.

We will ensure you will always be equipped to be flexible and able to get out of unnerving situations. You will write your purpose statement.

Module 13:
The 5P Action Plan

This final module is where you put everything together, experience growth and align your efforts in terms of five critical Ps to create the ripple effects that will help you build your legacy.

You will create an Action Plan based on your purpose, passion, perseverance, people and profit.

That will give you the competitive edge where you’re not lost and equipped from within with the brain and neuroscience working for you.

You will be able to access...

List of Online Resources

All the online tools and assets at my disposal will be made available to you both at the start of the program and whenever you need them. I will be adding to this list according to your needs.

Worksheets & Frameworks

I’ve handcrafted worksheets and designed frameworks to help you navigate your mental and emotional landscape with more ease. It can be tricky at first, so these tools will help lighten the burden.

(I won’t tell you yet)

I have a few added surprises I will be sharing with you as you progress along your journey to achieve growth, self-mastery and results in critical areas of your life and relationships.

Client testimonials

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Bodo Frost - Business Change & ICT PMO Consultant

Omozua is a phenomenal coach. She knows how to ask the right questions to help you see deep into yourself, embrace your true desires and face the fears that are holding you back (but you didn’t realise that they were!). She speaks the truth always and for me as a fellow Coach, I was still hiding and she called me out on it. Together we were able to delve into… Read more “Chichi Eruchalu”

Chichi Eruchalu - CEO & Founder, CE Consulting & Media

“But is The Brainification Program the best investment for me, Omozua?”

The Brainification Program is an intensive experience that will completely transform who you are, how you do things and how you relate to other people. You need to be sure it’s right for you before proceeding:

The Brainification Program is DEFINITELY for you IF:

  • You’re frustrated by adapting to or dealing with change in your life and career.
  • You’re unable to progress towards your goals despite bringing a lot to the table.
  • You aren’t optimising your full potential to become more responsive, adaptable or creative.
  • You can’t sustain self-discipline, motivation or productive habits long term.
  • You feel stuck and overwhelmed because a lot of things you do seem to lead to more struggle.

But it’s not the right thing for you IF:

  • You can adapt to and deal with change in any walk of life with speed and flexibility.
  • You’ve aligned your skills and knowledge to stay on track to achieve your goals.
  • You can navigate your mental and emotional landscape to unlock your full potential with creativity and adaptability.
  • You have a high level of discipline, self-awareness, focus and motivation.
  • You’re able to manifest what you want to come true by optimising your efforts and emotional awareness.

You’ve been struggling to meet your monthly sales or business objectives for long enough. It’s time to unlock your full potential.

Right now, you have a decision to make.

You can keep letting other sales professionals and senior executives in your industry – people with a lot less to bring to the table – outshine you.

Or you can decide to grab this opportunity to construct your own life formula that will increase personal productivity and effectiveness.

The choice is yours.

Don’t let this opportunity to achieve self-mastery and high-level results in all areas of life pass you by.

Click the button below to learn more about your Brainification Program enrollment package now: