The Brainification Group Coaching Program


Why do sales and corporate teams fail to enhance their performance and efficiency to meet ever-increasing challenges?

It is usually because they try to correct their actions or processes without understanding the collective power of their brains.

My ability to help teams systematically move beyond a point they cannot move beyond themselves comes from over 20 years of experience in applying neuroscientific insights to build struggling groups of individuals into a unified and emotionally-aligned collective.

I am now using the same neuroscientific insights to work intensively with business consultants, leaders, sales, or corporate teams. My mission is to help them understand the neurogenesis of their identity, improve performance year on year despite facing challenges and construct their natural design and potential for success as individuals and as a collective.

So why aren’t you living your life fully?

“The team does not know their next move.”

If all the strategies you’ve tried to meet your month-on-month sales quota or quarterly business objectives have not worked, it is time to go deeper.

Trying to change your team processes, strategies or operations will only lead to more struggle if you do not focus on what is causing your team to stay stuck.

You must learn to enhance the greatest asset your team possesses – their brains. Decoding each team member’s unique brain signature holds the key to unlocking the life formula that will help them put their awareness, confidence, self-esteem and inner-resourcefulness together.

“The team can’t handle it all on their own.”

When your team is unable to cope with the pressure, workload or demand placed on them, it is more than likely because they are overwhelmed.

The way to move beyond that point is not with sheer willpower and a “stronger resolve.”

You need each member of the team to step back and unpack the neurogenesis of their identity. That will help them figure out their own life formula and learn how to navigate it to push beyond their obstacles as a team.

That will empower them to communicate more effectively, create powerful relationships and get more joy out of their work.

“The team lacks motivation after struggling for years!”

There’s nothing as agonising and draining as falling short of your expectations and goals repeatedly. It kills the culture and erodes trust in a team.

The best way to motivate your people is to understand their neuro-agility profile. You can use that as the basis for transforming each person’s performance and results in all areas of life, not just their work.

Once they identify the elements of their inner essence, your team members can increase their adaptability and personal effectiveness with greater speed and efficiency when the need arises. The large mountains to climb will seem a lot smaller when that happens.

I’ve combined three of my top expertise

Neuroscience Team Development
Emotional Mastery
Actionable Team Resilience

into a COMPREHENSIVE methodology that enables YOUR team to grow beyond limitations and get high-level results.

How can The Brainification Group Coaching Program help you?

I will coach your corporate team through Zoom over 3 months or the full 6-month duration of The Brainification Group Coaching Program. We will conduct weekly or bi-weekly coaching calls to help your team enhance the critical elements that impact how they think, learn and process information by leveraging their potential and the insights from the neuro-agility profile assessment.

It will be my responsibility to ensure your team applies the tried-and-tested Brainification Methodology to develop a strong understanding of their neuro-agility profile, wants, beliefs, values, behaviours, motivation, mental and emotional processes and brain signature.

Brainification systematically addresses these critical elements so your team members can identify mental and emotional areas with gaps and enhance themselves to access previously intangible areas of potential. 

 The whole process is designed to turn them into a more responsive, adaptable or creative team.

Working with hundreds of sales and corporate teams over the years, I discovered a science-based, systematic process was the only way to help them perform optimally and create the impact they’re capable of. I will facilitate your team to give them everything they need to grow beyond performance barriers by enhancing their brains.

My ability to support teams through a structured methodology to navigate business challenges on their own terms with greater resilience comes from over 2 decades of hands-on experience helping underperforming teams meet their month-on-month sales or business targets.

Here’s how it all breaks down…

Module 1:

This first module helps you identify your neuro-agility profile.

Neuro-agility is about the ease, speed and flexibility with which you out-create, out-think and out-learn.

You will develop an understanding of how you process information, respond, react, focus and do many other things.

You will learn how to use your unique neuro-design to adapt to changing situations with ease and flexibility.

Module 2:

The second module dives into the wheel of life assessment, future pacing and an action plan to help you explore where you are and where you want to be.

You will focus on key areas, including your career, money, health, relationships, personal growth, fun and recreation, physical environment and spirituality.

It gives you a complete view of your life across the most common domains of living.

Module 3:

In the third module, we will explore your belief formula to work out what is limiting and what is empowering you.

I will show you how you can identify your beliefs and start to understand how they work to attract what you want.

We will work on reconfiguring your beliefs, so they work for you and keep you on track.

Your beliefs shape what direction you go in, so they are critical to your ability to push past limits.

Module 4:
Inner Compass

This module focuses on helping you understand that if you want one thing but don’t have the values to pursue it, your inner compass will lead you astray.

A compass is about aligning your values with your goals and aspirations, so you can move towards your destination with no unconscious conflicts.

You will learn how to go within yourself to live on your own terms.

Module 5:
The EM Edge

This module helps you raise awareness of your emotional landscape and build your emotional literacy.

Your emotional edge encompasses your moods, feelings and state of being. It’s about emotional mastery, not intelligence.

I will help you gain insight into your zone of emotional agility and mastery. You will learn to understand yourself, understand others and have social awareness.

Module 6:

This module helps you understand what your human needs are and what they mean.

Understanding your needs will allow you to build the motivation to thrive, build self-discipline and choose resourceful behaviours so you can experience life joyfully.

It will be about exercising your power of choice to live life more intentionally, not by luck or accident. That’s how you can keep going on without giving up or straying off track.

Module 7:

This seventh module is about emotional intelligence and bringing together everything you’ve learned about self-awareness and regulation.

It’s where you will put into practice what you want to come true.

Observation is about understanding what you can’t see in yourself you will never see in others.

You need to take a step back and notice things about your level of social awareness.

Module 8:
Express & Transfer

This module helps you become aware of what you’re projecting, what questions you’re asking yourself that create doubt and what mind movie you’re replaying that stops you from being the CEO of your own mind and emotions.

We will go over how you can start to check that unhelpful inner chatter so you can communicate in a way you would like to be perceived by others. The way you Communicate is your driver.

Module 9:
The B-Vitals

This module helps you combine the insights, tools and strategies you’ve gotten in the previous modules and apply them to your brain vitals.

The brain is about ensuring your survival by all means.

Understanding the interplay of your brain and why you do things the way you do them will help you determine when you need to focus on or enhance a certain area.

Module 10:

This module looks at how you optimise and enhance your brain.

We will explore what factors affect your productivity, performance and well-being.

That will help you identify if you’re in survival mode or responding and operating on a level of unconscious competence.

Your attitude, mindset and gratitude are part of your potential.

Module 11:
CEO of Brain

Being the CEO of your brain is about self-expression. This module helps you understand how the self and the other can come together.

We will focus on the second part of your emotional intelligence (EQ) quotient and how that relates to your understanding of your identity.

It will help you get more clarity on who you are and how you can be healthier.

Module 12:
Success Signature

This module is about helping you attain mastery and develop your unconscious competence.

It’s about programming your own success code so you can grow, contribute and replace what isn’t serving you.

We will ensure you will always be equipped to be flexible and able to get out of unnerving situations. You will write your purpose statement.

Module 13:
The 5P Action Plan

This final module is where you put everything together, experience growth and align your efforts in terms of five critical Ps to create the ripple effects that will help you build your legacy.

You will create an Action Plan based on your purpose, passion, perseverance, people and profit.

That will give you the competitive edge where you’re not lost and equipped from within with the brain and neuroscience working for you.

Your team has struggled to meet the monthly sales or business objectives for long enough.

It’s time to unlock their full potential.

Imagine how it would feel to…

✓ Optimise your full team potential to become more responsive, adaptable or creative as a collective.

✓ Connect your team goals, values and aspirations to-align their inner compass so they can better navigate obstacles.

✓ Reconfigure your team to create ripple effects that work for you.

You and your team now have this opportunity to start achieving the high-level results you’ve always known you’re capable of.

Send me an email, and let’s make time to dive deeper into how The Brainification Group Coaching Program can benefit your team.