The ManYouFest Code Program

for Professional Women Who Desire More

Affirmations and the Law of Attraction alone aren’t enough to attract wealth, health and the things you desire in life.

They don’t provide you with an effective way to move past your limitations.

You need to address your mental and emotional landscape to get beyond the surface level by using a more tangible approach.

That’s where I come in.



What’s the difference between hoping and imagining everything will fall into place and taking action to manifest your desires?

It comes down to realising you’re responsible to clear the path for yourself.

My ability to help professional women stop living their lives by accident or luck comes from twenty years of experience in using emotional mastery, actionable resilience and a scientific method for approaching the Law of Attraction to help them transform into core players who determine their own outcomes.

Now it’s time to share this ability through my four-week program for building momentum, courage and resilience.

Let’s see if this sounds familiar…

“I don’t know how to overcome my limitations.”

If you haven’t been able to clear the path for yourself, you need to become aware of what drives you from your core.

It’s about controlling what you can control so you realise the path you pave for yourself doesn’t have to be how it is. You can take the steps needed to choose a better path.

“Nothing I do is helping.”

Post-its, candles and affirmations feel great at the start, but they will ultimately raise your expectations only to deliver intangible outcomes.

You need to scientifically determine what needs to be put in place so you get the quantum field to work for you and activate synergies in that space to bring you forward.

“I can’t break my unhelpful habits”

Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results is not only counterproductive, it’s completely draining.

Most women do not realise they think and act in ways that don’t serve them due to years of unconscious conditioning in various social and professional environments. You can take charge of that.

The results speak for themselves…

Before I decided to start coaching with Omozua, I felt lost emotionally. I was finding myself blocked in seeing through with making decisions to move on in things and trusting what I bring to the table. I was uncertain if a coach could actually help me as I had tried before, and it did not make much of a difference. But after initial talks with Omozua, I was convinced to… Read more “Fadila Bouzahzah”

Fadila Bouzahzah - Feminine Power Transformational Coach

Omozua is a powerful, professional life coach and brain trainer. She positively influences people’s life by spreading positive energy in her work with you limitlessly. Simply, having a coffee and initial talk with her helps you feel better and offers clarity you can work with instantly. After only one session you feel empowered to achieve your goals with the clarity and understanding you gain from the early work. She made… Read more “Agnieszka Biniek-Korn”

Agnieszka Biniek-Korn
I’ve combined three of my top expertise

Transformation Coaching
Neuro-agility Training
Emotional Mastery Training

into a COMPREHENSIVE methodology that enables YOU to bring about what you think about.

How can The MANYOUFEST Code help you?

This program is based on the science-backed discoveries that prove what you think about and thank about is what you bring about!

You will learn all the micro-details, from having the right chemicals to engineering the right states, so you can be the CEO of your brain and not let the brain run you.

I will give you a system to transform an intellectual point of view on moving beyond your limitations to a more holistic method that incorporates your emotions and the quantum field.

It’s designed to give you a tried-and-tested way to manifest your desires.

Here’s how it all breaks down…

Stage 1: Think About (Brain)

The first stage of the program is about building awareness of your brain so you can understand your own behaviours.
Learn to maintain your brain for optimal performance.
Figure out how to reconfigure your brain to better serve you.
Find your own blueprint for creating the state that allows you to run your brain.

Stage 2: Thank About (Heart)

The second stage will help you understand your emotional edge by focusing on your feelings, moods, emotions, values and beliefs.
Create a vision for manifesting your goals without undermining them unconsciously.
Gain clarity on your values, so you can determine what is important and what isn’t.
Build emotional literacy to better command your emotional landscape.

Stage 3: Bring About (Quantum Field)

This third stage is a scientific inquiry into how you can leverage The Law of Attraction to create desirable outcomes.
Identify what happens intellectually when manifesting your thoughts and aspirations.
Deduce simplified steps you need to take to bring about what you think about.
Learn to scientifically approach Napoleon Hill’s Law of Attraction to accept things as they are and focus on what matters most.

Stage 4: Manifest and Thrive (Action)

The last stage is about building momentum to take concrete action towards manifesting your goals.
Align your physical, emotional, mental and life energies to create what you need to do.
Take the steps needed to make what you fathomed in the quantum field a reality.
Clear your barriers and self-sabotaging tendencies to operate from a clear field.
Understand the importance of balancing the masculine and feminine energies to manifest what you desire.

Right now, you have a decision to make.

You can carry on with post-its and wishful thinking, hoping all your dreams will somehow come true one day.

Or you can decide to grab this opportunity to determine your own outcomes in life.

The choice is yours.

Don’t let this opportunity to finally realise your ambitions in all areas of life pass you by.

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