Neuro Agility & Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Training

Become a certified neuro-agility profile™ and/or a brain-based emotional intelligence practitioner

We train practitioners to become experts in Neuro-Link’s brain-mind assessments and learning solutions at the Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group

Join people worldwide who use our Neuro Agility & Emotional Intelligence assessments & frameworks to develop talent and improve performance, workplace happiness, emotional intelligence, improve accurate self-awareness, the people factor of sales agility, and personal growth.

Who should consider doing NAP™ Practitioner Training?

  • Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals
  • Business Consultants
  • Leadership Development Specialists
  • HR and L&D Professionals in organizations who want to develop an agile work force
  • Talent Selection, Management and Development Professionals
  • Coaches (People Development)
  • Therapists, Psychologists, and Counsellors
  • Teachers

Neuro Agility Profile ™ (NAP™) Practitioner Training

Neuro Agility Profile ™ (NAP™) Practitioner Training is a licensed, self-paced, online course to enable people development professionals across the globe to learn how to debrief their clients on various NAP™ assessments for adults, students, and children. They also learn how to use our online learning solutions to develop their client’s brain fitness and mental agility.

Neuro Agility Program Content:
  • Experience your personal NAP™ brain profile assessment
  • Brain regions, how the brain works, and brain basics related to Neuro-Agility
  • Neuro-Agility and why it matters
  • Drivers that optimize brain performance and brain health
  • Elements of your neurological design (neuro-design)
  • How to debrief the NAP™
  • Neuro-Agility solutions – the Brain Agility Booster Program
  • Case studies
  • Practical and theoretical assignments
NAP™ Practitioner Training offers the following features:
  • 25-30 hours online NAP Practitioner Training video content
  • 15-17 hours online Brain Agility Booster Program
  • 29-page NAP™ personal report
  • Neuro-Agility manual
  • Free NAP™ practice assessments
  • Certificate of competence
  • Infographics
  • Practitioner resources like webinars, videos, articles, and PowerPoints

Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Training: ​

The Systemic Neuroscience Consulting Group offers Neuro-Link’s cutting edge online Emotional Intelligence Practitioner self-study training to consultants, learning and development practitioners, performance improvement professionals, teachers, coaches, therapists and counsellors in order to become practitioners or business partners. They will also be able to enrol their learners on our state-of-the-art High Achiever Program if their learners want to do online learning.

The World Economic Forum states that Emotional Intelligence is one of the 5 top 10 most desired skills for a person to be a high achiever and to prosper in the job market of the future and is the skill set that will have the single biggest impact on improving your performance and success.

Neuro-Link’s Neuro Agility Profile ™ Brain Practitioner Training is a prerequisite before doing this training as the Neuro Agility Profile -Advanced+ and the 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profiles™ are the starting point of our EI development program.

EI Training Program Features:
  • 30-35 hours online EI video content
  • 15-17 hours online EI Program – EI Skills for Agile People
  • 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ and Receive a 14-page personal EI report
  • Emotional intelligence manuals
  • Online practitioner resources
  • 4 free EI™ practice profiles
  • Certificate of competence
  • Infographics
    Practitioner resources
EI Program Content:
  • Discover your personal EI profile
  • How to assess and debrief the 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™
  • Emotional intelligence and agility
  • Purpose
  • Agile mindset
  • Change agility, stress, and wellness
  • Social awareness and empathy
  • Interpersonal communication and conflict resolution
  • Team agility and cohesion
  • Leadership agility

After Completion of the NAP™ and EI Practitioner Training respectively, Practitioners Will Be Able To:

  • Purchase Nap™ and EI profile assessments and learning solutions at highly discounted prices
  • $ell NAP™ Brain and EI profile assessments
  • $ell online Brain Booster learning solutions
  • Debrief NAP™ and EI™ profiles with clients
  • Debrief teams
  • Enhance people’s brain performance and brain health
  • Align client’s neuro-design with their job functions and career choices
  • Accelerate learning results
  • Reduce client’s risk for human error
  • Advise on talent selection, talent development, and talent management more effectively
  • Identify people’s neurological design (potential)
  • Help clients improve performance and communication
For EI practitioners:

Follow a neuroscience approach to developing and training people in EI skills.

  • Log their learners in on the High Achiever Program
  • Present 9 EI modules as a process
  • Present the 9 EI modules as separate learning solutions

NAP™ and Emotional Intelligence Practitioner training are delivered in the following ways:

  • Digital, self-paced, online learning
  • Live webinars
  • Live training
  • Blended learning approach

To Learn More and Apply to Become a Practitioner at SNCG, Email us: