12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™

Are you looking for a world class emotional intelligence framework to improve performance, happiness, engagement and talent selection and development?

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Using emotional intelligence assessments in talent selection, recruitment, talent development, performance improvement and employee retention has helped numerous companies decrease attrition rates, increase productivity, increase sales, reduce training costs and significantly improve performance.

12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ Overview

Neuro-Link’s assessment is called the 12 Emotional intelligence Competencies Profile™. With this profile, you get a comprehensive view of a person’s job performance, skills, strengths and development needs as well as suggestions for further development. It provides insights into 6 intrapersonal competencies and 6 interpersonal competencies of a person.

Our 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ is a 360° evaluation that combines performance feedback from you and a variety of observers including your managers, peers, direct reports and internal customers who know you well and does not have an ax to grind with you.

If you are doing the 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ for personal development purposes, your observers may be your life partner, friends and family.  It illustrates your perspective, your observers’ perspectives and the average between your and their perspectives of the 12 emotional intelligence skills that are of primary importance for your happiness, effectiveness, relationships, success and leadership.

Feedback includes a debriefing with a trained Neuro-Link consultant to provide an in-depth understanding of your report results. An atomized, online debriefing video is also provided with each report.

Neuro-Link’s 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ can be done by individuals as a stand alone. It also complements various development initiatives like developing high potentials, leaders and teams. We therefore offer an online, Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Self-study Program to people practitioners and business partners worldwide to use our assessments and learning solutions as tools to optimize performance and/or sell for profit. Learning how to debrief on our EI profile and sell it for financial gain is part of the practitioner training.

The 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ is also the point of departure for doing Neuro-Link’s cutting edge High Achiever Emotional Intelligence Development Program. It serves as a world class framework to develop yourself and others.

6 Intrapersonal Competencies
  • Accurate emotional awareness
  • Accurate self-assessment
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-control
  • Self-motivation
  • Adaptability
6 Interpersonal Competencies:
  • Empathy
  • Service orientation
  • Organizational awareness
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Social cohesion and team functioning
  • Values-driven leadership

Sample of the 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ Summary

Features of the emotional Intelligence Profile

1. Content

  • 12-page report
  • Illustrates self-evaluation table of the 12 emotional intelligence skills
  • Illustrates 1-5 observer’s evaluations of the 12 emotional intelligence skills
  • Illustrates average of self-evaluation & observer evaluations

2. Online

  • Questionnaire – 60 questions (takes about 15-20 minutes)
  • Report
  • Post-evaluation
  • Automized debriefing videos

3. Translated into English and Spanish

Why Do An Emotional Intelligence Profile?

Five of the top ten most desired skills for the workplace of the future, as rated by the World Economic Forum, are emotional intelligence skills that feature in Neuro-Links 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ and our High Achiever Emotional Intelligence Program. It is therefore crucial that people and companies develop their emotional intelligence skills if they want to stay competitive and relevant for the future. You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Neuro-Link’s 12 Emotional Intelligence Competencies Profile™ enables you to:

  • Identify high-potentials and top performers
  • Use it as a framework for talent selection and development, leadership development and employee wellness
  • Promote workplace happiness
  • Promote employee engagement
  • Create accurate emotional self-awareness
  • Increase social cohesion and team synergy
  • Promote strong social bonds between people
  • Enhance positive self-esteem
  • Enhance mental wellness
  • Create social awareness
  • Promote self-leadership
  • Improve interpersonal communication
  • Resolve conflict more effectively
  • Maintain constructive relationships with others
  • Develop leadership
  • Improve customer service
  • Practice empathy
Additional Benefit: Become an Accredited Practitioner

Neuro-Link presents online, emotional intelligence practitioner training for teachers, lecturers, trainers, professionals and consultants about the 12 emotional intelligence skills that are of primary importance to optimize people’s performance. This self-study program certifies practitioners to compile and debrief our EI profile. It consists of videos, manuals, assessments and assignments.

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