Neuro Agility ProfileTM Assessment (NAPTM)


“Neuro-Agility is about optimizing the brain-mind elements that increase the ease, speed, and flexibility with which you think, learn and process information. It helps you to optimize your brain fitness and increase your mental flexibility, enabling you to have a fast, focused, and flexible mind.”

"You can't improve what you can't measure and haven’t identified"

What is a NAP™ Assessment?

A Neuro Agility Profile™ assessment is a tool that helps you develop a fast, focused, and flexible brain! The purpose of a NAP™ assessment is to identify and optimize the brain-mind elements that impact the ease, speed, and flexibility with which you think, learn and process information, and ultimately enable you to improve your brain fitness and mental flexibility. Developing Neuro-Agility is the most fundamental point of departure in improving performance and developing talent.

“A company’s ability to learn faster than its competitors may be its only sustainable competitive advantage in the future.”

– Former CEO of Shell Oil Company, Arie de Geus

The Neuro Agility Profile™ Assessment IS:

  • A lifestyle and preference questionnaire
  • An illustration of the interplay between brain and mind and how it impacts the ease, speed, and flexibility with which people think, learn and process information. The NAP™ measures the integrated functioning of the physical brain regions with the mental faculties of the mind.
  • An illustration of people’s mind and brain fitness and flexibility levels
  • An assessment that offers solutions to how people can develop a fast, focused, and flexible mind
  • An indication of the full range of mental modalities that impact people’s thinking, learning, and information processing abilities
  • As accurate as one is honest!

The NAP™ Assessment is NOT:

  • A test, but a preference questionnaire
  • A medical test, but a non-invasive assessment
  • A psychometrical test
  • A personality assessment
  • A limiting instrument that stereotypes people or puts them in boxes.
  • An indication of which brain regions are used
  • A learning styles profile

The Global Neuro-Agility Community is the Sole provider of Neuro-Agility Profile™ assessments.

These assessments have been developed by Dr. André Vermeulen to measure how Neuro-Agile people are and how to improve their brain’s performance and mental flexibility.

It has been registered and trademarked as a Neuro-Agility Profile™ and is abbreviated as NAP™.

The NAP™ is the most comprehensive, multi-dimensional assessment of its kind to measure the brain-mind elements that impact the ease, speed, and flexibility with which people think, learn and process information.

Three different NAP™ Assessments: for Adults, Students, and Children.

The Neuro Agility ProfileTM is a powerful starting point for anyone who wants to improve their brain performance, identify and develop talent and reduce their potential risk for human error. It also assists them in accurately understanding their unique potential and offers suggestions to optimize their brain health and improve their cognitive flexibility.
NAP™ Advanced+
for Adults

(Adults 24 +)

The NAP™ Advanced+ measures 13 brain-mind elements that influence the ease, speed, and flexibility with which you learn, think, and process information – key to your competitive advantage.

NAP™ Student Performer
for Students

(Students between the ages of 16-24 years who are studying further)

The NAP™ Student Performer is a development tool for students who are studying further, to understand their unique potential, accelerate their learning, improve their learning results and reduce mistakes and errors.

NAP™ Toolbox
for Children

(Children between the ages of 11-16)

The NAP™ Toolbox is a valuable instrument in the hands of parents and teachers to understand children’s unique potential, how they learn, and which development opportunities need to be created for them to learn easier, and faster and obtain great learning results.

What are the benefits of using NAP™ assessments?

  • Developing accurate self-awareness about your unique potential
  • Identifying and developing your talent
  • Increasing your mental flexibility
  • Optimizing the ease and speed with which you learn and think
  • Improving your brain fitness and performance
  • Achieving better learning results
  • Reducing your potential risk for mistakes and human error
  • Becoming more agile leaders, employees, and organizations
  • Functioning as high-performing, agile teams
  • Aligning your neuro-design and job functions/career choices
  • Managing stress and fatigue more effectively
  • Enhancing positive self-esteem
  • Increasing levels of happiness, engagement, and flow

Why Neuro-Agility Matters

  • It closes performance gaps on mind-brain elements that impact the ease, speed, and cognitive flexibility with which people learn, think, and process information, that has not been sufficiently addressed before.
  • Validates, compliments, and advances the relevance and impact of other agility constructs and approaches, as it is anchored into neuroscience.
  • Offers new insights on how people learn, how talented they are, their potential risk for error, and why some learn faster, easier, and more flexible than others.
  • Integrates easily with other agility constructs, talent selection, talent development, and performance improvement practices.
  • Offers a higher return on investment on talent development and performance improvement initiatives when grounded in the hard sciences.
  • Separates facts from fiction, thereby solidifying learning and performance improvement practices.
  • Significantly contributes to developing cognitive flexibility and agile mindsets, essential to developing an agile workforce.