Online Brain Agility Booster Program

Take the step towards thinking and learning faster, smarter and being more brain fit and mentally flexible.​​

Are you looking for cutting edge solutions to get the most out of your brain, identify your potential, develop talent, increase engagement, improve performance & reduce risk for human error?

THE BRAIN AGILITY BOOSTER PROGRAM is an online brain performance optimization program. The purpose of this program is to assess the ease, speed and flexibility with which you learn, think and process information. It provides practical brain-based solutions to optimize your brain performance, promote mental wellness, increase engagement and reduce your potential risk for human error.

This program starts with completing the NAP™ Advanced+ brain profile assessment to identify your neurological design (potential) and determine in which areas you can improve your brain performance. Subsequently you will learn solutions to address and optimize the areas that will help you improve your brain fitness and mental flexibility.


  • Do you want to get the most out of your brain?
  • Would you like to increase your brain fitness and brain health?
  • Do you want to learn how to optimize the ease, speed and flexibility with which you learn, think and process information?

The BRAIN AGILITY BOOSTER PROGRAM is the most comprehensive brain fitness program of its kind. It consists of self-study, online learning solutions that will help you improve your brain health and brain fitness, increase mental flexibility, identify and develop your potential and reduce your risk for human error.

Five of the ten most desired skills for the workplace of the future are brain power skills like complex problem solving, critical thinking, creative thinking, cognitive flexibility and decision making. These brain power skills are mandatory to future-proof your career if you want to be more employable, successful and competitive in a disruptive world.

The VUCA world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity is defining what the current and future global landscape will look like.

Agile individuals and agile organizations are now mandatory if we want to survive and thrive.

Developing the ability to optimize the brain-based elements that increase the ease, speed and flexibility with which you think, learn and process information is the point of departure to improve neuro-agility. Being neuro agile will provide you with the brain fitness and mental flexibility to learn and think faster and smarter.

Subsequently, you receive 13 hours of self-paced, online brain training that consist of suggestions, actions and activities to improve your brain fitness and mental flexibility.

THE BRAIN AGILITY BOOSTER PROGRAM offers skills, actions, activities and skills to improve neuro-agility.

Between 3-6 months after having completed your online modules, you will receive a NAP™ post-evaluation to complete, in order to measure your progress.

Who benefits from this program?

Any person who wants to be more employable, successful and competitive.
  • Students
  • Adults
  • Workers
  • Teams
  • Leaders
  • Athletes

Program includes

  • A 29-page NAP™ Advanced+ report
  • Automated NAP™ online debriefing
  • 13 hours of video training
  • Practical brain agility exercises
  • Comprehensive neuro-agility manual
  • Neuro-agility action plan
  • Post-evaluation of NAP™
  • Certificate of attendance


  • Improve your brain performance and brain fitness
  • Identify your unique potential (neurodesign)
  • Reduce personal risk for human error
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Compile your own personal neuro-agility development program
  • Increase your mental flexibility
  • Improve happiness
  • Increase your brain health
  • Accelerate learning & thinking

Outcomes for professionals in people development practices:

  • Equip yourself with key aspects of neuroscience to transform learning in your organization
  • Use neuroscience findings in your practice.
  • Create a plan to optimize your training to maximize recall and enhance retention and memory.
  • Increase ROI with even better results for you, your learners and the organization

With this program you have 365 days access to 5 online modules that guide you, at your own pace, from debriefing to an agile brain in actionable steps. Supporting coaching or training can be added upon request. Eliminate All Guesswork. Discover Your Inner-Core Gifts & Gaps. Unlock and Unleash Your Limitless Potential.

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