The Brainification Corporate Workshop


Why do business owners, leaders, sales executives and working professionals repeatedly follow the same processes and operational flows when their results don’t change?

It usually comes down to a faulty inner compass which creates obstacles that prevent them from pushing through limitations.

By focusing on the elements that make up each team member’s inner formula, The Brainification Corporate Workshop provides business owners, leaders, sales executives or working professionals a learning opportunity where they can unpack and modify their unique inner formulas and push through any limitations in 1 intensive, full-day session.

So why aren’t you moving past your professional obstacles?

“I feel stuck and overwhelmed a lot.”

To move beyond our limitations, we need to first determine what is holding us back. It’s the first step to taking ownership and becoming the CEO of our own brains.

That is always the hardest part of the journey because conscious and unconscious mental patterns block most people from executing the full extent of their potential.

I’ve designed the corporate workshop to help your team members understand the way they are, how they approach things and how their brain affects their work patterns.

We can then clear up the path for them to address and improve the critical brain-mind elements that determine success in their roles.

“I’m not performing as well as I can.”

Anytime we struggle to perform in any undertaking, it’s because we need to reconfigure our internal formula to serve us better.

That internal formula is a combination of our mental mastery, purpose, neuro-agility and awareness of how we are wired.

Your team must understand what their inner formula is missing and what they need to have in place to improve.

Throughout my career, I’ve developed my own internal formula to grow myself and help the unique individuals, teams and corporations I work with grow.

I can help your team grow their brain awareness and adversity quotient to improve their work performance systematically.

“I struggle to respond or adapt to changes!”

There’s a difference between understanding our neuro-physiological design and aligning it with our inner compass.

When we are slow to adapt to change, it usually comes down to a misalignment with our body-mind-soul connection, which forms the basis of the Brainification Program.

If your team struggles to respond to challenges effectively, they are not making the most of the best asset they possess i.e. their brain.

We need to help them work out what role they play as individuals in each quadrant of their brain to help each team member identify their unique blueprint

That will give them the knowledge to impact, communicate and create ripple effects that work for them.

I’ve combined three of my top expertise

Neuroscience Leadership Development
Emotional Mastery
Actionable Resilience

into a COMPREHENSIVE methodology that enables YOU to grow beyond limitations and get high-level results.

How can The Brainification Corporate Workshop help you?

The Brainification Corporate Workshop will provide your team with an end-to-end experience over 1 full day to help them enhance their brain awareness and agility. Your team will learn to unlock their potential and optimise their emotional intelligence to relate with, impact and influence others more effectively at the end of this workshop.

My aim is to facilitate everything your team needs to attain mastery in sustainably solving daily challenges with resilience. We will help each team member understand their unique neuro-design so they can apply a whole-brain approach to improve performance in their sales or corporate roles.

Your team is the beating heart of your corporation.

Business executives, consultants, professionals and salespersons need to be able to navigate their unconscious mental processes to respond to conflicts in collaborating and communicating with the team effectively. Whether your team is frustrated in any way or struggling with emotional hijacks (restrictive or overwhelming emotions) that hinder negotiation, sales talks and effective leadership, this workshop will guide them to move beyond their limitations.

While each workshop is grounded in the tried-and-tested Brainification Methodology, it can be tailored according to your needs and challenges. There are a host of other more focused workshops I offer on sales agility, neuro-agility for performance and productivity, personal transformation, effective communication and conflict resolution based on emotional hijacks. Please click the button at the end of this page to let me know how I can best serve your unique team!

Here’s how it all breaks down…

Stage 1: Unique Blueprint

The first stage focuses on your brain neuro-agility profile. It helps you identify the things you need to improve.
Understand the way you are, how you approach things and what role the quadrants of your brain play.
Analyse how you communicate with people and why you approach things in certain ways from a brain perspective.
Unpack your neuro-agility profile to determine the critical elements that impact how you think, learn and process information.

Stage 2: Human-life Formula

The second stage looks at where you’re going, what beliefs and values you carry and your zone of emotional awareness.
Identify the drivers of your choices in terms of your wants, goals and aspirations.
Discover how your beliefs work to attract what you want and learn how to reconfigure the belief formula to work for you, not against you.
Find the connection between your goals, values and aspirations to better align your inner compass and gain the ability to better navigate situations.
Understand your emotional landscape to find your zone of emotional agility, motivation and mastery.

Stage 3: The Self

The third stage helps you see yourself for who you are so you can accept, move forward with energy and know when to let go.
Explore your motivation to stay disciplined and choose resourceful behaviours.
Observe the elements that help you put into action what you want to make come true socially and professionally.
Learn how you express and transfer your mental and emotional processes to create productive results.

Stage 4: The Brain Signature

The fourth stage helps you understand how your brain serves you and uncover what’s possible when you’re the CEO of your own brain.
Understand the interplay of your brain vitals and become a better judge of when you need to enhance a certain area of your brain.
Determine what brain factors affect your productivity, performance and well-being so you can use your full capacity to optimise and grow.
Create your own success signature to elevate yourself in every area of life.

Stage 5: The Mastery Matrix

The final stage helps you create an Action Plan based on purpose, passion, perseverance, people and profit.
Design your mastery matrix to achieve the outcomes you want in any area of life that deeply matters to you.
Create ripple effects that work for you.
Find your competitive edge by putting all your brain knowledge and neuroscientific insights together.

Your team has struggled to collaborate, communicate and function as a team for long enough.

It’s time to move beyond these obstacles.

Imagine how it would feel to…

✓ Have a team with the resilience and adaptability to solve daily challenges in a sustainable manner.

✓ Equip your team members with the ability to modify their unique inner formulas to push through limitations.

✓ Train your team to navigate emotional hijacks that hinder productivity, negotiation, sales talks and effective leadership.

You now have this opportunity to give your team the knowledge, training and awareness to perform optimally and maximise their potential.

Send me an email, and let’s make time to dive deeper into how The Brainification Corporate Workshop can benefit your team.